This is a list of player-created guides for EteRNA. It is by no means comprehensive.

Name Author Description
EteRNA Dictionary Eli Fisker A large document listing all the terms used in the other guides with pictures.
Puzzle Solving Guide Eli Fisker A great introduction for players learning how to solve puzzles.
Loop Guide Eli Fisker Useful tricks for solving tricky loops.
Multiloop Guide Eli Fisker A visual overview of how energy in multiloops can be lowered.
Tips and Tricks Eli Fisker A compilation of useful tricks for solving unusual shapes.
Stack Guide dimension9 A table of nearest-neighbor energy terms for stacks.
Hairpin Guide mat747 A picture of successful hairpin sequences in mat747's lab designs.
Lab Guide Eli Fisker Strategies for making successful designs in lab.
Lab Guide for new players Eli Fisker More strategies for making successful designs in lab.
Lab Guide mpb21 Strategies for making successful designs in lab.
A guide to using Vienna RNA fold Eli Fisker A guide to using Vienna - for assessing potential Lab designs.
GC Pairs in Lab ccccc Why you don't want to make christmas trees in lab.

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