The ability to design puzzles is unlocked once a player has earned 20000 points. Only three puzzles can be submitted in any given 24-hour period. All player puzzles are worth 100 points.

Using the Puzzle DesignerEdit

  1. Decide if your puzzle will be a lab candidate.
  2. Design a secondary structure. This can be done with the puzzle designer's tools or by typing in a sequence in dot-bracket notation.
  3. Solve the puzzle.
  4. Click "publish".
  5. Set restrictions. A puzzle cannot require fewer GC pairs or more AU/GU pairs than are present in the solution that the designer supplies. Additionally, a puzzle cannot require more than 1/3 of pairs to be GU.
  6. Supply a name and description.
  7. Confirm and you're finished!

Lab CandidatesEdit

Before the puzzle designer opens, a player is given the choice of designating his or her a puzzle as a lab candidate. Lab candidates have additional restrictions, but can be chosen as the target structure for labs. The two types puzzles are compared below.

Lab Candidate Ordinary Puzzle
Size <100 nt <400
Base Pair Restrictions No Yes
Consecutive Nucleotide Restrictions Yes No
Fixed Bases Yes No
Reward 100 100